We believe New Hampshire’s Energy Future is NOW.

Together we can explore exciting possibilities in the energy sector and identify a path forward that is good for business, good for communities, good for the environment, based on sound economic principles, and helps to ensure that New Hampshire is in a stronger competitive position within the region.

History of NH Energy Week

Listening Sessions

In 2016, The Nature Conservancy in New Hampshire, the NH Clean Tech Council (now known as Clean Energy NH), and the Environmental Defense Fund worked to bring legislators together with municipal, manufacturing and local leaders to initiate conversations about energy options and infrastructure, and to incorporate diverse perspectives in discussions on efficiency and renewable opportunities in New Hampshire.
What came out of these statewide ‘Listening Sessions’ were a diversity of compelling stories illustrating a commitment to sustainable and cost-effective business practices both in the private and public sector.
  • Local municipalities were taking on successful energy efficient projects while being mindful and protecting their citizens from tax increases.
  • Businesses were implementing energy efficient practices and programs and working with the state’s utility companies to realize cost savings.
  • Our neighboring states were significantly benefiting from clean energy policies and the unfilled opportunities that New Hampshire was not taking advantage of.

The Event Series

One result of the Listening Sessions was the creation of an annual "NH Energy Week." NH Energy Week (NHEW) has become a series of events co-organized by partner organizations that highlight prominent energy topics and issues, provide a forum to discuss solutions, and bring leading experts to share knowledge. The week-long series attracts hundreds of New Hampshire residents, energy professionals, policymakers, advocates, and beyond. 

NH Energy Week events vary by year. Past highlights have included:

  • Hosting regional roundtables throughout the state;
  • Featured film screenings and panels on popular films "The Burden" and "Current Revolution;"
  • Legislative luncheon and the NH Energy Breakfast;
  • Annual Career and Resource Fair;
  • The NH Energy Week Awards Ceremony, featuring the awards for individuals and organizations that champion for the state's energy future.