Sununu signs N.H. energy efficiency bill, restoring programs after PUC order

On Thursday, Gov. Chris Sununu signed H.B. 549, a compromise bill that gained bipartisan support after the state’s Public Utilities Commission made major cuts to the state’s energy efficiency programs.

The bill was pushed by many as a way to resolve the confusion and disruption resulting from a Public Utilities Commission ruling on energy efficiency.

In November, the commission rejected a 3-year plan that would have expanded energy efficiency programs in the state, and instead decided to cut the rates that fund those programs and make other major changes to how energy efficiency is structured.

The bill Sununu signed Thursday restores the structures of energy efficiency programs to what they looked like on Jan. 1, 2021, before the PUC’s order. It also sets the rates that fund energy efficiency in New Hampshire in state law.

Sununu said the new law would have immediate impacts.

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Mara Hoplamazian-NHPR